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I’m over you, there’s a new scarf in town

I’m over you, there’s a new scarf in town

I’ve been chugging along, merrily, on this lovely chevron scarf in Lion Brand Mandala yarn.  Pretty sure this is the Chimera colorway. I am not one to buy yarn at the grocery store, but these colors are just ridiculously amazing.  I was hoping to have this scarf done to wear this winter, and it’s looking like there is no end to winter in sight. I can see my yarn ball withering away row by row.  I haven’t knit anything but tiny sock yarn in so long, it’s so fun to watch such progress happen in a relatively short amount of time.  Stay tuned here and my Facebook page for this pattern, written up in a little free printable.

Chevron Scarf in Lion Brand Mandala

My next project has presented itself and of course I immediately want to dump this chevron scarfMadelinetosh Prairie in Dachshund and cast on with my new crush The Rill Scarf.  I found it through a Craftsy link to their clearance sale.  I can’t resist a great clearance sale!!! They had a discounted knit kit, but only black yarn left.  I knew I wouldn’t like it in black so I bought just the pattern and knew I had some stash yarn I could use.  I have the most perfect skein!  It’s a luscious skein of Madelinetosh Prairie in a colorway called Dachshund.  It’s mocha and purple… still one of my favorite color combos. This is a yarn that I would never have bought without a project in mind, but someone gave me birthday money while I was in a yarn shop, so I basically HAD TO buy it.   It was fate.   And now I have the perfect pattern for it!

So, excuse me, I’ll be knitting today and no one will eat or sleep until I’m done with the chevron scarf. Ok ok… I’ll feed the 3 year old. But everyone else here is tall enough to reach the snacks.


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April 21, 2010

How did it get to be the middle of April already? Taxes have been done and e-filed. I’ve finished a few projects, oh, and I turned 30.

We had a big party and it was a lot of fun! I was so busy having fun that I didn’t even pick up my camera.  I brought it outside just before the first couple people arrived and set it down on a table near the food.  I meant to hand it off to my dad or a friend to take pictures but didn’t.  The picture above was taken at the beginning of the night by my sister Shannon with an old 70’s camera that uses FILM!  So we did get a few images to capture the evening.
I finished the cabled baby cardigan I was working on.  It turned out incredibly cute and got many oohs, aaahs and fondles at the party.
Cabled Baby Cardigan
Cable detail

I got some really nice Crystal Palace yarn from my friend Crystal for my birthday and I have already cast on for the Whisper Cardigan from Interweave Knits.  I’m only about 2 inches into the first sleeve, so no pics yet.

Recent news from the sewing room:  it is clean!  it is semi-organized!  and it has NEW fabric!  I even have new inspiration.  As if the room being clean wasn’t inspiration enough!  For my birthday in 2009, my mom-in-law Gayle got me a gift certificate to a great big quilt shop in Ohio called The Door Mouse.  It took us nearly a whole year to put it into our schedules and trek down there.  It was definitely worth the wait and the drive!  One reason we waited to get there until now is because this place has so much fabric, that you really have to have a project and a plan in mind when you go.   So I took my great tree fabric that I bought in North Carolina about 5 years ago and had designed a quilt for it and needed supplemental fabrics for it.  I think I have everything I need now, I just need to find the time to start working on it!
When we got home, Gayle gave me part of my birthday present for this year.  It is a signed copy of Frieda Anderson’s book Fabric to Dye For.
I was so excited to get this book!  I have looked through it quite a bit and am very anxious to try some of her methods.  I am accumulating quite a list of projects that I want to start, work on or finish.  So if someone would come over and clean my house, cook for me, and also go to work for me, I can get right on that list…  yeah, guess I’ll just have to squeeze in some time wherever I can find it.

This post originally appeared on Textile Stockpile on April 21st, 2010.  A year’s worth of posts were lost when I switched servers, but they’ve been found and I’m updating and reposting them here. Stay tuned for more!